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New Deal - Watch Me As I Walk Away

Rensie 1948 Diamond Watch - Free, Grandma (Originally purchased at Frederick & Nelson Department Stores) Seattle, Washington This 1948 gem of a watch is precious, gorgeous, and still works as well as the day it was originally purchased by my grandpa for his new bride. The watch came to me courtesy of latter, my maternal grandma; I pried it from her cold dead hand at her wake. Just kidding, silly... Jews don't have wakes - I took it from her before the paramedics arrived on scene. Ok, no not really that would be gross. All kidding and uncomfortable morbidness aside, with its tennis bracelet band and petite apexed-face  jewelry doesn't get more classically vintage than this; and it was acquired for the price of Free. Don't be scared to snuggle up to your old, wrinkly grandparents, kids.  Sure they may have a lovely of au de decay scent but they may just also have some fabulous items in their possession from bygone days. Don't be afraid to ingratiate yourself - it won't be for naught. I promise.

New Deal - Rita Hayworth a Thousand Bucks Heels

NYLA brand 1940's Inspired Wedge Heels - $26 Nordstrom Rack, Seattle, Washington Whether you hittin' the Hollywood Canteen, Rick's, or, ya know, just your office, you'll be appropriately attired. Comfortable with a stacked wooden wedge heel and a ankle strap you can give a little wink to the 1940s as you strut through your day; because as time goes by these heels will be priceless.

New Deal - 'Mad Man-ian' Bubble Dress

Rhys Dwfen 1960's-esque Bubble Dress - $20 Rhys Dwfen Sample Sale, Los Angeles, CA No, not the Lady Gaga type of bubble dress. We're talking the original. You won't find this dress sitting behind a typewriter at Sterling Cooper Draper Price (such a mouth full), but you will when Joan, Peggy, and Co hit the town for a cocktail party. This dress is perfect, I mean it even comes complete with pockets for stashing your flask. What more could a Poor Girl ask?

New Deal - Pink ' Shut Your Mouth When You Talk to Me' Heels

So today marks the launch of my 'New Deal' section. Like that initialed President before me I too have some deals that I'd like to pass on to the people. Ok, I'm just going to put it out there now, if you don't get the reference we can't be friends; but if you do then please enjoy some of my own personal top picks. You can definitely find some great wardrobe pieces out there for a pittance. You will never find me looking shabby in that breadline - only shabby chic. Fabulous Hot Pink and Purple Heels - $20 Shareen Vintage, Los Angeles, CA Obviously these rave-tastic shoes can't be worn every day, or they may give someone a seizure; but fear not, they can be worn beyond the glow sticks and into your drab office to that god-awful temp job you've killing your days at since you can't land steady work in this crumbling economy. Plus, the next time you tell someone at work to 'shut their mouth when they talk to you' they'll know you mean business.