...To Throwing Parties

This ain't your mom's coke-fueled, sex-binge-in-the-hollywood-hills-party. Did your mom have those? Anyway... aside from the fact I can't afford that type of soirée, I'm mainly not a fan. But there's nothing better or more simple than throwing a BYO party. It costs you nothing but the 5 minutes it takes to fill out an Facebook invite.  Sureyour guests like coming to a party where they're already guaranteed to be supplied with alchi and food, but there's a trick to getting around this. Spice up the party. Pick a theme, go all out, the kitschier the better. Memorial Day? Come as your favorite war. Hawaiian shirts and trays of sushi. Guests can ingest and intern the little bits of sushi deliciousness in their stomachs  (too soon?).  The more interest around the party, the more friends won't mind bringing a little something to the festivities.

I used to live in an apartment where we threw holiday-themed parties either way early or extremely late. Quatro de Abril anyone? Sure it's no Cinco de Mayo but our pinata and illegal immigrant search and seizure station sure made it seem like Mexico - or at least Arizona. A few clever costume ideas, a bit of hand-crafted decorations, a BYO invite, and BAM! Presto party.