...To Passover

So I just came across the Two Minute Hagaddah - A Guide for the Impatient? More like an Guide for the Impoverished. With the S&P nose diving harder than Lindsay Lohan at coke buffet and the debt ceiling tighter than Dov Charney's itty bitty briefs who can afford to replenish their cabinets this year with Kosher for Passover goods? The two Minute Hagaddah basically consists of a "thank you g-d", a dipping of parsley, and a drinking of wine. Four cups of boxed wine and the dipping of some greens I picked from my backyard into a dixie cup of my own tears and I'm spent. Really this two minute business goes easier of my wallet than it does my patience. As for those 10 plagues, well, we may have to make an addendum this year. After Slaying of the First BornĀ  now comes Removal of the Roof Overhead (although I'm not sure this one is relegated to just Pharaoh's Egypt). On the plus side, with all your uneaten matzah you can surely construct a lovely new box home on the sidewalk outside your previous establishment. Tastes like cardboard, builds like it as well. I hear that's Manischewitz's new slogan this year. L'Chaim...Happy Passover!