~ Poor Girl's musing of the Week #10 ~

I keep hearing about the new movie coming out,  How Do You Know; no, it's not Whitney Houston's triumphant return to the silver screen. How I wish it was. And yet every time I hear about the movie I can't help but start singing the similarly-titled-but-not-quite-of-the-same-name song. It's pretty much playing on a loop in my head as we speak. But follow my thought process; it got me thinking of the fabulous '80s and how the toys I grew up playing with were overwhelmingly better than anything kids play with today. Simple, timeless, amazing. Lite Brite, anyone? All I'm saying is where is today's Teddy Ruxpin? Today 3-year olds play with Blackberries..ugh where's the fun in that? Plus, a Blackberry is one expensive My Little Pony. How are you supposed to entertain your child these days without money? It was way easier to be a Poor Mom in the 1980s, you could just throw your kid a stick and let them go to town. How do you feel about your 3-year old attempting to program the next Farmville instead of playing with Legos?