...To Halloween

How offensive is too offensive when you're a Poor Girl? Costumes are expensive and I had a rather important Cowboys and Indians party to attend (sure just the theme is offensive alone but it's West Hollywood, it's fine). With a whole $17 in my bank account cowboys and Indians was going to happen on the cheap. So with a childhood Chicago Blackhawks jersey and a left over curtain tie I set out. It was either that, or a Bindi. I was PocaSacaHull, at least that was what People Magazine was calling me. I mean if you at least know it is offensive and wear it as such, it's totally fine, right? Where would  hipsters be without irony? Well they'd really just be homeless people. And, I ask you, where would Republicans be without irony? Just elitist, ignorant, hate-mongers -- oh wait, no that's just true. Anyway, you get my point; wear what you gotta wear to make it happen. Just wear it like you mean it, or in this case like you mean it soo much that you don't mean it.