...To Dickensian Economics

As I sit here and write from my Los Angeles hovel which possesses no heat (temperatures max out at balmy 55 degrees inside, like a scene right out of a Dickens novel I tell ya!), I pose a question to all you Econ majors out there: You've heard of Keynesian Economics, right? -  great, well this isn't it.  I'm talking Dickensian Economics. The poor helping the poor; because let's face it poverty, like stupidity, has all sorts of degrees. And this Poor Girl right here is teaming with PANTRYRAID.ORG to help cure forced anorexia around LA. Lindsay Lohan needs your help. No but for serious, drop your drawers and open your doors and...donate a can of food people. You can find donation boxes at Royal / T in Culver City and Toppings Yogurt in Beverly Hills. All donations go to the LA Food Bank.