...To "The Social Network"

I caught an early screening of The Social Network last week, and while a movie about mostly already wealthy people, making and then fighting over even more money may make you want to vom, it did have its enjoyable bits. And then of course some not so enjoyable bits. It was fun to get the back-story on a website which changed our vernacular, the way we think and communicate in only just a few short years.

I love me some Aaron Sorkin, and frankly his writing was the biggest draw for me on this movie; but I think his style translates best to fare with more humor, heart,and light (The American President, Sports Night, The West Wing). In a film about angry, nerdy, rich kids dueling it out for social - and Eating Club - supremacy, his style just translated as exhausting. A million words per minute, 20-somethings with clenched teeth, and cutting from 3 periods in time to weave a story was just tiring. It's a lot. And really, who would have ever thought it possible to loathe Jesse Eisenberg? I guess it's really a testament to his acting. During the movie I found myeself wanting to punch him. If Mark Zuckerberg is anything near this portrayal, I want to find him and tell him to stop being such a self-important douchebag...and then kick him in the crotch.

I  feel like we'll laugh at The Social Network in about 10 years. Though Sorkin tried to make the movie more about lasting, common themes like friendship, betrayl, trust, blah blah blah, we're basically going to be like, "pish posh...facebook...." I mean imagine what you would think of a movie made about MySapce 3 years ago. But yeah, I'd say go see it, just make someone else pay for it.