~ Poor Girl's Musing of the Week #9 ~

With the premiere this week of HBO's Boardwalk Empire, I've decided to pay homage to a type of communication long since forgotten in my review of said episode: the telegram.  Who doesn't love a good telegram? OMG,  right...? And you wonder why telegrams have gone the way of  Pogs. Can you imagine what a telegram would look like today? I cringe. Anyway, here's my homage to the OG Twitter. JIMMY, HOW YOU'VE GROWN SINCE DAWSON'S CREEK-(STOP)-MICHELLE WILLIAMS CHOSE THAT GUY?-(STOP)- BUSCEMI WEARS LIPSTICK-(STOP)- 'BILLY MADISON' ACCURATE-(STOP)-O'DOYLE RULES-(STOP)- LIQUOR, SAWED-OFF SHOTGUNS, THE CHARLESTON. WHAT'S NOT TO LOVE-(STOP)- MUCH PROMISE-(FULL STOP)-