New Deal - My What Big Boots You Have

Vintage Italian Leather Boots c. 1960 - Free. My Baube's Closet (originally purchased at Fashion Bootery, Salem, OR) No, calm down I didn't pillage some dead woman's closet. Little old Baube's still kickin' and duh, I asked my 94 year old grandma if I could take her boots. At 94, Baube's seen a lot of decades which kind of works out nicely for me given all of history's fashion trends. More than a few items from her closet will be featured here. These knee-high boots have done some serious walkin' from 1960 to my closet here and now. Still perfectly intact, and no worse for wear, I was just asked the other day where I bought them. Well I could tell you, lady, but I'm pretty sure they're out of stock.

Being both poor and fashionable are hard to reconcile most of the time. I know, sometimes cheap vintage can be creepy, especially if you're wearing someone else's shoes; but knowing exactly whose feet those were makes walking a mile in them that much less gross. Yay.