...To Travel

I may be poor but yet, I still lead a pretty fabulous life. I know what you’re thinking, and no, I’m not blackmailing some basketball player with ‘child support’ for his bastard kid. Traveling is something – to borrow a phrase from Pretty in Pink – the ‘Richies’ love. Well guess who loves it even more? us poor folks; because nothing says “I’ve come to terms with my lot in life” like desperately trying to run away from it. There’s just one problem, that little pesky money issue again. Well, there are some ways to get around that. Sure, if you can’t jet set, you can always hitch hike. But lets face it –we’re livin’ in a creepy world these days and a It-Happened-One-Night-Claudette-Colbert signature hike of the skirt and a thumb out doesn’t exactly promise you a pleasant chauffeured ride across the country. Really it’s just a way to guarantee something else happening one night. You could bus it to your destination but hell, you may as well go spend 17 hours in the locker room of a gym with your face under someone’s arm pit.

I just booked a trip to Seattle the other day. It was free. I also bought a pack of gum once, and got a trip to New Orleans. True story. They’re called credit cards people, and many of them are attached to airline miles (I totally make $10/hr $50,000/year at 19 years old). Now let me clarify, I'm not advocating you sign up for 10 credit cards just for this perk, but in a pinch a couple aren't terrbile - you have to establish credit some time. Banks want your money so badly, that they’ll give you a free round trip with your first purchase . And if your purchases start and stop with a $1.29 packet of gum, you're golden. That obvi means  you don’t abuse them and have the smallest ounce of self-restraint. If you don’t have a lot of self- restraint, stop reading here – err, I guess that’s a lost cause, but the last thing you want is unneeded, un wielding credit card debt. So cheers to you my Alaska, United, and Virgin America credit cards!