New Deal - Pink ' Shut Your Mouth When You Talk to Me' Heels

So today marks the launch of my 'New Deal' section. Like that initialed President before me I too have some deals that I'd like to pass on to the people. Ok, I'm just going to put it out there now, if you don't get the reference we can't be friends; but if you do then please enjoy some of my own personal top picks. You can definitely find some great wardrobe pieces out there for a pittance. You will never find me looking shabby in that breadline - only shabby chic. Fabulous Hot Pink and Purple Heels - $20 Shareen Vintage, Los Angeles, CA Obviously these rave-tastic shoes can't be worn every day, or they may give someone a seizure; but fear not, they can be worn beyond the glow sticks and into your drab office to that god-awful temp job you've killing your days at since you can't land steady work in this crumbling economy. Plus, the next time you tell someone at work to 'shut their mouth when they talk to you' they'll know you mean business.