...To Financial Aid

So you've submitted your FAFSA and now you wait. No scholarship or loan will ever be enough to cover the astronomical cost of one year at school, let alone four (one step at a time, kids).  You just wasted a good 30 minutes of your Saturday when you could be out tap dancing on a piece of plywood in front of a top hat on 48th street. Right? Wrong. President Obama - OCAMAunist, if you're nasty - has opened up $36 billion in Pell grant funds for under-privileged students seeking university degrees with the passing of healthcare reform bill. $36 billion?! I only got $25k a year for my ridiculously over-priced institution of higher debutcation (and that didn't even cover it). I mean, sure $36 billion is a bit excessive but, shit girl, that could have kept me in Isaac Mizrahi for Target for like years and years.... See, and you thought there were no benefits to being poor. College for everybody!