~ Poor Girl's Musing of the Week #7 ~

So Gawker and the Gallup Poll told me that America likes to drink. America loves the bottle and the bottle loves America. With this fascinating piece of breaking news I start to wonder if it's any wonder that this love affair has hit an all time high of late? We all know what dire straights this country is in with its current economic situation - we're going to hell in a janky-ass-goodwill-purchased-handbag - and the to drink costs money. So how? Well in the great old American tradition: when the going gets rough, America gets sloshed. Why do you think that Prohibition was so profitable during the Great Depression? Nobody wants to face their troubles, they want to see them through a foggy alcohol induced haze - the way they were meant to be seen. That way they look prettier. It's like the beer goggle affect...but for life. Here's hoping that you can pass out for 3 or 4 years and wake up with only a slight bit of hangover to a new and promising decade. That voice you hear? It's definitely not the sound of me laughing, rather it's me dolling out wickedly caustic and yet utterly sound advice for your limited budg.