~ Poor Girl's Musing of the Week #6 ~

Technology. Is it really as great as we think it is? Nah. It (and Justin Bieber, of course) is responsible for your terrible lives. Today we're living in what the gunshy media types call a 'double-dip' recession. Oh hell, let's just say it - it's a full on Neo-Depression. Job prospects are waning, faith in the economic recovery, also holding on by a thread. Hurry, somebody hide the razor blades. Well before I cut myself, I ponder this: With all the talking, and living that we do online these days - the hermit, lazy-ass, germaphobic, socially awkward society that we've become - would anyone really know a bank run if it happened? In 1929 there were a series of runs on the banks; hoards of customers lined up around the block eager to take out their money which helped catapult this country into that storied

economic apocalypse known as the Great Depression. But these days you can just log onto your Wells Fargo online account from the comfort of your own toilet, and - with your pants around your ankles - remotely close your account, and ask the bank to kindly mail you a check for the holdings.

What if  Black Tuesday: The Sequel happens only of course you don't know because there were no raucous crowds or trampling of bank employees, just your roommate Joe spending way too much time in the bathroom with a laptop you'll never borrow again, and now you've got your pittance of a savings stuck in a bank that could go under at any moment....all because of that lovely bit of technology known as the interweb.