...To Summer Jobs

School's out, the sun's shining, so what now? Sure internships are key. They look good on your resume, help you network, and will probably eventually open doors to the industry in which you want to be. But let's face it, internships don't pay shit, and a girl's gotta eat. So along side that summer internship of yours (or if you're still a freshman or sophomore, instead of that internship) go deliver some pizza. What?! That's outrageous, you say. Pizza!? How demeaning. I speak from vast personal experience when I say that this ho-hum job offers more benefits than your ex-i-sometimes-see-used-to-want-to-marry-but-now-i'm-just-bored-oops-we-hooked-up-in-the-back-of-my-car-'friend'. Hours of freedom, free food, cash on the spot, and depending on the particular establishment, an extremely lax dress code. The perks are really endless for a Poor Girl. I made it my personal uniform to wear a wife beater,  a bright-ass magenta bra (don't judge), and torn jeans. Needless to say, my tips and the amount of double-takes at the door, were large. Turns out a driver's tips are inversely proportional to the amount of clothing they wear. Who knew?

Choose an independent store, a safe neighborrhood, a ridiculous day-glow bra and you're set.