~ Poor Girl's Musing of the Week #4 ~

The new iPhone 4 just came out and in a society where electronics and early adopting is everything, people will do almost anything just be one of the first with a little apple in their hands. Why not? Your fancy iPhone apps can help you skype, scan your boarding pass, make vuvuzula noises, and there's even a toilet paper app that will  help you wipe your own ass (I would assume). In our terribly consumerist world where parents sell their children for drug money and kids shoot their friends for the newest Jordans,  is it such a stretch to think that even the poorest of the poor would trade in their last bit of change for an iPhone rather than groceries? I think not. Sadly. Ever seen someone in line at the grocery store using their EBT card (aka food stamps) and then whip out their iPhone for a quick text message reply? The irony is so thick, Alanis Morisette is composing a new song about it right now. And now, new on an iPhone 4G near you, a virtual EBT barcode that scans right from the screen of your phone to the checker's wand. Annoying card no longer needed. Don't let the inconvenience of poverty slow down your busy daily schedule (or your need for a gizmo who's price tag could feed your children for a month).

No, there's not really an app for that. But it can't be far behind. 5G anyone?